Evera Ingredients

Natural beyond nature.
A new way of creating healthier and sustainable foods and fragrances

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We are specialists in high quality natural ingredients.

Through technology and innovation, we make the most of raw materials and contribute to healthier and sustainable formulas in industries around the world.


High quality 100% natural products.


Products produced responsibly, minimizing negative impacts.


Products that contribute to people's well-being, health and quality of life.

Plant Based

Plant based ingredients that contribute to people’s health.

Clean Label

Less is more. 100% Natural. No additives. Transparency.

Zero Waste

Rethink processes. Clean Technology. Reuse. Impact reduction. Upcycling.

orange essence.

A boost of taste and freshness 100% natural that improves the flavour of orange juices, sauces, toppings and more

Intense flavour

Delicious orange taste that wakes up the senses with a hit of sweetness by just the right balance.

Real pureness

The flavour of freshly squeezed oranges to improve your product’s taste and freshness.

Ideal texture
for food.

An innovative clean label alternative for hydrocolloids replacement. Suitable for different products, including low calories.

Clean Label

For healthier and more sustainable products that seek natural formulas.

Higher nutrition

Combines health benefits - more than 3% fiber - with the ideal texture and creaminess.

Oils & Essences

Natural FTNF orange oils and essences that enhances freshness and top notes of food, beverages and fragrances.

Natural flavor enhancer

Ideal natural essence to give juices and food a pure orange flavour and aroma.

Concentrated source

Concentrated source of natural ingredients that makes food and fragrances tastier and fresher.

Clearness, integrity and respect

Our governance is based on the understanding that there are better ways of doing business and making innovation.

A governance designed to be full efective

A model of ethical work that lays on absolute respect for people, communities and principles.

In line with Citrosuco’s governance

Focus on generating sustainable values to get more quality for people's lives and company's processes and management.

Our governance model works in an ethical and transparent manner, respecting people, communities, and legislation, and it is focused on generating sustainable value.

Evera’s governance — in line with Citrosuco’s values, integrity — encompasses and consolidates Risk Management, Code of Conduct and Compliance processes and initiatives, which together strengthen the operation, minimize and control risks, direct the focus of action, and increase the management of the business.

Natural beyond nature

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