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beyond nature.

We make the most of raw materials to deliver 100% natural ingredients and to contribute to healthier and sustainable formulas for industries all around the world

Technology and innovation to create healthier and more sustainable foods and fragrances.

Through technology and innovation, we study and know nature deeply.

We make the most of all parts of the fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

We enhance the use of every raw material.

We see all the possibilities of the natural world. And more.

What make us who we are!






Innovation & Technology

Customer Centric

Life Nourishment

Our governance model works in an ethical and transparent manner, respecting people, communities, and legislation, and it is focused on generating sustainable value.

Evera’s governance — in line with Citrosuco’s values, integrity — encompasses and consolidates Risk Management, Code of Conduct and Compliance processes and initiatives, which together strengthen the operation, minimize and control risks, direct the focus of action, and increase the management of the business.

Natural beyond nature