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We create natural ingredients that allow food, beverages, and fragrances industries to go healthier and more sustainable. Our portfolio promotes the developing and improvement of products with ideal taste, texture, and fragrance.

Oil & Essences

Natural FTNF orange oils and essences that enhances freshness and top notes of foo...


An innovative clean label alternative for hydrocolloids replacement. Suitable for ...


A boost of taste and freshness 100% natural that improves the flavour of orange ju...

Brand new methods of flavour, texture and fragrance creations.


High quality 100% natural products.


Products produced responsibly, minimizing negative impacts.


Products that contribute to people's well-being, health and quality of life.

Plant Based

Plant based ingredients that contribute to people’s health.

Clean Label

Less is more. 100% Natural. No additives. Transparency.

Zero Waste

Rethink processes. Clean Technology. Reuse. Impact reduction. Upcycling.

Technology and innovation to create healthier and more sustainable foods and fragrances.

Through technology and innovation, we study and know nature deeply. We make the most of all parts of the fruits, vegetables, and flowers.